Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mobile and some other things

Hello, is anyone around?! It's been a long while, there were cobwebs on this site when I opened it today. However, no better time to make amends... and I realise, now that I'm here, I like being here!

The best way to restart is to boast some...

A link about my new mobile-tricks from my main blog

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And it does seem my fears have been well-founded after all. I've been petrified to use the credit card online though I come from a stock of people who do not think twice about it. This kind of stealing makes you so completely powerless - you only realise after the damage has been done.
This time its not just the raving of a using-the-credit-card-over-the-net-phobic; I've facts to stand me up...

* Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report


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And, of course, have you Twittered?!